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Your second-to-last paragraph describes to a tee my strange emotional state every time I come home to Colorado from visiting family back East. And I am so glad Willy Nelson was kind in the end b/c sometimes I want to tell the folks who don't seem to empathize with parents flying with babies that they were once babies too. Fortunately I seem to run into more empathetic folks than not. On my way to Connecticut with Luke the man at security told me he had to "test" my backpack due to unauthorized substances: vanilla yogurt, apple juice and a jar of baby food. He asked me, "What is the purpose of these items?" I responded, "To feed my baby on the plane" [where there isn't a whole lot to feed a baby without most teeth]. I was about to give him an attitude, but then he smiled and waved me on. That was all after my boarding passes slipped out of my hands while I pulled off the baby's shoes and my own and wresteled the watch off my wrist and put a million and one things in the stupid tray, all one-handed with a baby boy who was doing his best to squirm free from me. Another kind stranger picked up all the papers that flew out of my hand in the zigzag line, including my drivers license, and handed them back to me. Christy, throwing canes into that mix? Kudos!

welcome home. there was so much in that post and all of it describing only a snippet of a day. The range of human emotions is an awesome thing huh?

Sometimes I think the people around us are the hardest part of traveling with children! LOL

Glad you made it home and the children did so well; bodes well for many adventures yet to come!

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