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The strides Elias has made are unbelievable- I say "look at this boy go"!He humbles us and he will keep on doing so. He has taught us all so much and what we take for granted. I am so proud of you all- you have learned most importantly: patience, endurance, the love of a spouse, thirst for more knowledge and the preciousness- not sure that is a word- of "family". Wow

I think that's sort of how it's supposed to be for us and for our boys. We stay so focused on the road ahead, watching for unexpected ruts and potholes or blind turns that we don't realize until one day tht our child has NOT been stumbling or falling. We begin to notice that he's ambling along. maybe even running. Then we wonder, "How did I miss that?" All the while not realizing that it is our vigilance as well as their determination which gives them the freedom to stretch and grow. To fly with both feet on the ground.

And Elias? Elias is an eagle. Bold, proud, strong.

Hallelujah! I LOVE this news!

I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't laugh, but I think that boy's comment about Elias looking like he was about to do the limbo is totally hysterical.

2 things. First, you need at minimum a like button. A love button would be even better!! Second, you always make me cry. Tears of happiness, but still!! So happy that he is doing so well!! You are one lucky momma!!

Thanks for the post. . . now everyone will know. YOU are the best and your family is beyond amazing. Elias can walk AND he is a champion cuddler too (elbows and all).
Love you and miss you already.

The miracles present in your life just make my heart sing!

Carrying two ice cream pints - this kid has his priorities straight! Let's get down to the important stuff, though: what flavors of chocolate were they?

Seriously - what amazing news, and yet considering the family he is growing up in, the love and strength all around him, no surprise at all. :-)

Congratulations! Considering the strides he has made in these past few years, just imagine what he will be doing in a few more! The world is his oyster!

I'm so glad to hear all this! Elias is one of my "special people" -- those who bless life with something only they can share. Elias' fragility combined with his unstoppability is such a gift of inspiration. From out here, where we don't personally experience all the setbacks as you do, we get a sense of the scope of Elias' achievements. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Shivers reading this.....amazing! E and YOU are truly amazing!

Wish he could have walked some ice cream over to me. So sad I missed you on the cape!!

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