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Aw, I'd pick you guys for my team in a heartbeat. beacuse, you know, there are ALL KINDS of ways to win. :-)

Oh, that is such fabulous news to read!

Also... d'you remember what tree those tshirts grow on?! I think Harry needs one!

Wow! Elias running! What a triumph...
We each run our own race - play our own game - and win when we overcome our personal challenges.
You and your family are winners, and you have lots of fans out here!

That t-shirt is the BEST!

I love the photos, love the stories and love hearing about your every day lives. My son, Nick, and his wife have just moved here with their precious child in her stomach. He is sort of moving in your father's footsteps- wants to teach high school history plus coach lacrosse. Nick just arrived today after a long drive from his first leg of his journey from New York. So love the pictures and I am so proud of you on that field!!!!

Nik's mom- I am going to remember that: There are all kinds of ways to win. That's a lesson for everyone, that's for sure!

I love Elias' shirt. We both have a sense of humor. For my Hard-of-Hearing son I bought a shirt that said: I am just pretending to listen!

Look at me run--how sweet that must sound. Yay, Elias!

Running. Ive read your stories for a long time and even though I am not a member of your family and I do not know Elias personally- I can say it makes me proud to know that he has come so far, that you and your entire family have come so far.

Let me know if you ever need more subs. I always mean to sign up for a women's team, but haven't found one yet. It would be so fun to play with the ladies!


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