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The bad is replaced with the good. Just like the tide the good will roll back in and take the bad out with it.

I looked for a like button. I'll admit it. I really did. What a wonderful mind Elias has!

Oh, yes, public meltdowns... twisting and squirming and hitting... how I remember! Embarrassment, pain, worry all at once for a parent. But that phase passes eventually, and in the meantime -- in spite of his angry outburst -- your boy knows he is loved.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Elias becomes a writer, too. He really has a way with words.

As a parent myself, I get horribly embarassed when my children throw a tantrum in public - yet when I see someone else's kid doing the same thing, I just smile and empathize with that parent. "I know what you are going through" is what I try to convey with my smile. I feel for that parent, but am never judgemental. Anyone who is must have never had kids!

A metaphor! A metaphor! Tantrums stink, but what a wonderful mind at work.

This'll cheer ya up!


I've got one in tantrum phase too. It sucks.

Courtney, I loved his try-out video, thank you for sending it. I shared it with Nick too and both of us can see Elias in him...it shows how far humor can take you, b/c man do we all need to laugh, especially at ourselves.

Thanks all for your support. The tantrum phase sucks, you said it Danielle, and Elias seems to be in full swing these days. Its nice to know others have been there and that in public usually people who have been parents understand.

I hope to get a chance to write a longer post later today.

No Atlantis is too underwater, or fictional!

I loved that line, that and the fact that he showed himself trying to put on his pants, something Elias still can't do on his own and man do I hope he can holds onto his humor through adolescence!

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