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Hugs...love you guys

Hang in there. My guess: It will probably take 2 weeks for him begin going in without any tears on a consistent basis.
As for the TOADS who are being nasty...it WILL happen.

Ack, I didn't mean to end there. There are kids like that EVERYWHERE. Maybe it is best to teach Elias to not respond more than necessary...I tried to give my kid verbal ammunition to counter this kind of behavior and it backfired. Sigh. Of course these behaviors are perfect for circle time discussions with the teacher and the class, as well.

I hate the bullies. HATE! My beautiful girl has had a tiny taste of that - more than enough for us, believe me, and far too many tears. It's so hard being the mom (or dad).

Wishing you the patience and fortitude to get through it as best you can - and sending hugs.

Thinking of you, Christy! Big hugs xoxo

It's hard being the one who doesn't fit in! I can't speak for everyone in this wide world, but I suspect most of us - at one time or another - feel like the one who doesn't fit. I wonder whether there's something in those bullies that says "I'll make this other person feel miserable instead of me". However it happens, it's awful.

Some of Elias' differences are the more obvious kinds, so he may come in for tough times at the start of getting used to each other. But as kids get to know him, and with guidance from teachers and counselors, they'll learn about his many (and amzing) strengths. They may even learn some compassion!

*oof!* This one hits me square in the gut as Nik started kindergarten in a general ed school yesterday and I've had to fill in as his para/aide (long story short: IEP coming soon). His CP, his autism, his nonverbal-ness and use of a speech generating device have all made him highly visible. As I sit with him at lunch, I watch the stares of the curious third-graders filing past the kindy tables. Some are genuinely curious while others are obviously sneering and judging. It's been heartwrenching but we've done ok, too.

I think you're right, this getting used to it will take some time.

Sending you and Elias love and hugs and cyber-high-fives. Wish we lived close enough to raise a beer or coffee together to celebrate our amazing boys!

Christy - Its AMAZING just HOW many obstacles, challenges and mountains you ALL have overcome since you & Nick were blessed with Elias. Reading your blogs is just heart wrenching at times, BUT I always end in a small quiet prayer that God continues to guide you with patience, strength and the love you have for your son --the many blessings that have come from these challenges just reminds me that life is not easy and God only gives us what we can handle. Wow I know that was a run on sentence :P but I have to say that I have gotten MANY pick me ups and many many many tearful smiles from reading how sweet and warm spirited Elias has become. He has grown SO much!! I still see pics in my mind of how tiny he was when he was born - and what a HUGE BLESSING that you have received from such a small bundle of joy!! Take care - keep writing; as you touch so many lives...HUGS! Paula (PNA)

So good to hear from you all! Paula, its been years--thanks so much for reconnecting here, your words made me smile.

Niksmom I raise my glass to you; its red wine tonight and I will salute you with my coffee in the am. One day at a time my friend, one stare at a time...

Linda, I think you are right on with this boy so my tactic is to attempt to win him over with kindness...hasn't worked yet but I keep smiling at him and asking him how his day is going. In part to connect and in part so he knows I see him--he's got my attention for sure.

And yes bullies suck and no matter what I do Elias will get teased and harassed and laughed at...and i just have to remind myself that it happens to most of us, no matter what our abilities are, but we can take those taunts and turn them around to make us even stronger

Not to make light of Elias' differences, but I would hang tough - I bet within a few weeks you WILL look in his classroom and not be able to find him at first. He WILL blend in, and for every bully, there will be a few friends. I know from my daughter's classroom, that what seem glaring differences to us, are often handled matter-of-factly by children. Here's to Elias finding his friends soon!

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