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Just remember to breathe, deep breaths -- as many as possible. xo

good luck christy. we are all struggling right along with you to find balance.

It will all work out in the end. Having Elias at school with you will be wonderful, but it will also be hard. I STRUGGLE not to step in and solve all of my Kindergarteners problems for her (she is in the classroom right next door). I try not to babyher, but she IS my baby and it is SO hard!!

I have been trying to catch a read here and there on your blog over this busy summer. Our family has endured a few curve balls with sudden changes in babysitters. It always made me question whether it was worth it for me to continue working. But I did and am happy I did. And we always found a great new situation, albeit with quite a bit of anxiety tagging along. All I know is that you and Nick will figure out a good situation for Olive (and Elias) because you won't settle for less. You'll make it happen, whatever "it" is. Easier said than done, but perhaps I can only assure your confidence that it will all be ok. I'm repeating myself, but I'm with ya.

ahhh, yes. I remember those days when my daughter went from 1st through 6th grade at the same school I was the counselor. Wanting to go by her room just to catch a glimpse of her, watching my boundaries with her when in her room ("she is just another student"), not running to see if she was ok during the fire drill, seeing her during recess, or her avoiding me when she was in 5th and 6th grade when I was on recess duty...many memories. But, we do draw those boundaries, we do make it work because we ARE professionals, and we ARE moms. We make it work. And those ties are still there because we did spend those years together. Close, but not together. Valerie

Christy, Are you familiar with THREAD - Anchorage's child care resource & referral network? They might be of help...


Hope to see you soon!
Mary Dallas

I found you through "moms to read" at parenting magazine.

I love your site.

Congratulations, and I'm following now.

Thank you Alexandra, glad you found me:) Mary Dallas, I did a search with THREAD but I think I'll give them a call too b/c nothing came up with my zip code--thanks for the reminder. Valerie & Greta, your words always help, you wise women you! Jessica, yes, he's still MY baby-- wonderful and hard sounds about right. Elizabeth and Fleming hugs and deep breaths right back at you!

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