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totally. completely. right on.

I suffer from the "no, not right now" syndrome myself. And sometimes, I actually *hear* myself, and think, what am I doing? But I need to really hear what I am saying more often. We'd all be happier, at least in my house.

Beautiful . . . isn't the parenting dance hard? The bending and the adjusting and the working together and the realizing why your steps may be out of sync. This is lovely. . .

Yes. Yes. Yes. I am practicing, too. :-) Isn't it nice to see and hear how our children have champions even when we aren't there to do the job? I nearly sobbed at school last week when I saw one of my son's classmates put his arm around Nik's shoulder in a very protective gesture. It was so wonderful to see.

How beautiful about Cic playing with Elias! When Ellianna's teacher told me that her classmates take her hand to go play at recess I felt such a flood of joy and relief. I know exactly how you feel and I believe our children draw compassion and kindess out of others in such lovely ways.

There have been a lot of "not now - later" comments in our house lately too. Our 3 year old doesn't quite get why so much attention is put on her 1 month old sister and while we KNOW we need to pay her more attention, unfortunately she gets the short end of the stick far too often. Thanks for the reminder to say yes more often.

Thank you- you hit it riht on- I do the same with my own bunch of miracles. Lots ofnot nows-and laters. And most of the time later never comes. I often think I need to say yes more- because later may never be here.

Yes, yes, and yes again...I'm trying and I think its helping b/c we haven't had demon Elias since we switched our focus to as much positive energy as we can muster. Our kids radiate our energy and I know we've been way too stressed lately. I didn't even add in this post the start of school alongside Olive's daycare closing...ugh, its been rough, no wonder Elias has been out of wack.

And yes, moments of acceptance go so far......I could have kissed Cic.

So funny--I made the same commitment when school started this year and am also reaping the benfits with my three (and my husband!)

Thank you for the nudge....after reading your post I realized I've been saying "no, not right now, maybe later" way too much. Decided I don't want my son thinking I would rather do anything, or nothing at all, rather than BEING with him. I'm sure he would thank you for the coloring time we spent together yesterday!

Good job.No matter where we are, we must study all the way. As the proverb says that: You are never too old to learn. Thank you for your blog.

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