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Beautifully written and excellent answers for Elias and his classmates.

I am a lurker, but just wanted to give you a pat on the back for all the awesome decisions and parenting skills you and Nick demonstrate on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing your world.

Thank you Abby for de-lurking to give me a pat-- as I tend to me my worst critic, it sure helps to read your words.

And Mom, I love you:)

that sounds like it will work well for all 4 of you. It also takes off the stress of missing work for you if one of the kids is sick etc. Nick could even bring Olive to visit you at lunchtime:)

You can always make money but you can't make time. Love that Nick gets daddy-olive time. It's a wonderful chapter of this amazing family story.
big hugs!

Your story resonates so much of our own. From difficult transitions to playground realities. Elias rockets off with my heartstrings because we see these same trials in Ellianna. She has a gift for looking at all the things she can do well and reveling in them. What does Elias love? What does he feel he is 'good at'? You are so strong for Elias in your explanations, you are candid and encouraging, never relenting but driving. Ellianna is in kindergarten and I go in at lunch daily to help kids with opening things and so forth and giving Ellie a bit of respite from the chaos she perceives. This has helped her to have positive and productive days at school. The first two weeks of school when I did not come in were agonizing, she cried all day there and actually lost her voice. Her little sister comes along too and enjoys the other children. I have to resist the fantasy of wanting to borrow Faith's ability to sociallze so easily and lending it to Ellie. I have to resist imaganing what she would look like as a child without CP in the context of her peers because that only produces pain and blinds me to the beauty of who she is, unique, strong, brave, and imaginative. Isn't it amazing that their struggles have produced a wisdom and strength in us otherwise unfathomable prior to their births?

I am so sorry Christy. It is so sad that Elias is starting to notice the things that he cannot do. It seems inevitable that eventually they look outside themselves and see their own deficits. I have a child who is on the autism spectrum and also had dyspraxia and childhood apraxia of speech. He has the low muscle tone that is characteristic of children on the spectrum. He has many challenges both physically and cognitively. It breaks my heart when he knows what he is supposed to do but cannot do. He feels so frustrated with himself. These children bring us so much joy and so much heartache. I am thinking of you and yours and sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

just another comment. For perspective, it is important to remember that there will be other kids without Elias' challenges who also can't do monkey bars etc. even NT kids vary widely in ability and interests.

I'm so happy for your family! I'm sure Nick and Olive will experience the majority of the changes, but you and Elias will benefit as well. Yay for more family time!

You have helped me to see the dreaded phrase "I can't" in a whole new light. Without it as well as words and acts of encouragement, we would never set limits for ourselves only to break through them.

Good for you all, that Nick and Olive get this time! No stress over looking for a different job, no stress over looking for a different day care. This choice might not be forever, but for now I am sure you are all relieved not to add additional changes. There is only so much a family system can take at a time.

Early in our marriage we were not enamored of the 2FTparent lifestyle. So my Hubby was a FT househusband for 11 years. I've been the 'primary parent at home' for the past 5 years. As our youngest transitions to college next year we plan for me to go back to FT to pay for college and feather our retirement nest. No.regrets.

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