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Cute I LOVE sleeping kids pictures. I don't have a lot of them with my kids because I am always afraid it will wake them up :P My son does not sleep well (still at 3) so I NEVER want to wake them up!!

I'd say you're all going to be more than just OK. :-) The photo of your precious sleeping babies? Breathtaking. Happy weekend!

What a cute picture. Can't wait to see you in November.


hi! i saw your site in the parents magazine and it got my attention right away because my boyfriend son was born 1bl 9 ounces 5 months early. feel free to send me an email i'd love to chat to a fellow parent of a premie (im not his birth mom but i watch him every day all day)


those words and the photo are so wonderful. and so are you and nick.

you never forget that feeling of being between 2 kids. It is perfection. Glad you are having a peaceful day.

That is one adorable bed... :)

I know you are all going to be OK. But I have the advantage of being on the outside, of watching families struggle with CP and other diagnoses, and so maybe I'm more hopeful. I have always been impressed with your instincts, and I know that you are all going to be more than OK. You are going to work through these challenging behaviors with Elias, you are going to come out on the other side, a shiny happy family. I know this to be true. I do.

Emily, your perspective helps, as does your confidence in me or us. thank you!

Jasmin, thanks for introducing yourself; I'm glad you found us. Feel free to contact me anytime if you don't hear from me first.

Thanks all!!!!!

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