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YAY!!! So happy for you!!


Yay, Olive! And 3 cheers for 6 hours of sleep for all!

Thank goodness!!! And many happy repeats.

She looks so much like Elias in the last picture you posted....so cute! I am happy to hear that you are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel as far as sleep is concerned. Wishing you many more restful nights!

Thank you for the cheers and wishes for more sleep to come.

Havent had another 6 hour stretch since but she's going down a lot easier in her crib.

I am always so challenged to respond for everyone writes so much better then I can. I love reading what everyone else says and they do it fabulously. I am curious why Olive is still allowed to wake you up every night- is that because of your quarters and not wanting Elias to wake up? Which I totally understand. At her age, I was letting my child cry himself or herself back to sleep. But you have totally different circumstances. I just got my first magazine for us grandmothers called "loving your Grandbaby" put out of course by Fisher-Price telling about all of their fabulous products. But what is great- they tell us old grandparents what has changed. Liked they now tell us to put the baby on their back versus on their stomach which we were told to do. It has great helpful hints but it is truely a magazine to sell their products which many are great. I love your words, your frustrations and your hopes. PLEASE keep writing and I can't wait to meet you all some day.
Lots of love always

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