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AWESOME, Christy!! That sounds almost exactly like a first-grade reading level. I love how he's exactly where he should be in so many ways, micro-preemie or not!

Marveling and celebrating along with you,

(And I'm not sure if I actually posted this comment or accidentally deleted it first, so my apologies if this is a duplicate!)

that's so amazing!!!!

Holy cow. That is just GREAT. That is really just so great. Todd Fox and Elias ROCK.

So wonderful!

Yes! Way to Go Elias! valerie

Can't stop smiling after reading this. He has come so far! loads of love!

Oh Elias, you are amazing!!

Oh, so very wonderful to hear, yay!!!

My son is also learning to read and it just blows my mind that he is LEARNING TO READ! Wow! Celebrating with you and your own little reader!

Joy bubbled up in my heart for Elias and for you. That rush of conquered adversity is truly a blessing!

I love you all!!!

Such a lovely and caring picture ...Its really very nice...Your a good writter ..its interesting and helpfull too...My hearty wishes to him...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diKj68Rb_xk me waiting to c more posts from u....Cool!!!!Thanks a lot!!!!!

I honestly can't tell which milestone made me prouder... reading or peeing standing up? ;) Go, Elias, go!

Great boy!!Thanks for sharing milestone like this!!

I don't think I teared up like this when either of my girls read to me for the first time -- what an amazing journey you are all on! Great job to all!

Oh you all make me so happy, I feel like Elias has a whole community behind him!!!!!!!

And me too:)

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