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"Maybe if no one else picks it I'll get to be the board eraser!" Elias has said to me more than once over the past month, coveting this glamorous position, not satisfied with being a mere line leader or lunch cart helper...

I love this kid. He can erase my board any time!

I adore how "in the now" Elias is...most kids. I always need reminding to live more like they do. Thanks Elias!

It is funny how the jobs that seem so mudane and boring to us are so exciting to them. I have a "paper passer" in my room. The kids LOVE this job. I am so glad they do because I HATE passing out papers!

That's so sweet! I want to make him a stick with a swivel eraser so he can sit and erase the whole board.

I love this post! Makes me smile!

Maybe he'll be erasing the whole board, because he will be the teacher =) Love his spirit!

I love love love love love this! And hooray for him for already fulfilling a dream!

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