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how fabulous that you can go home and see nick and olive:)

My first years as a counselor I didn't even take a lunch break so to leave the building AND see my family is pure delight. Plus I don't have to worry about packing a lunch, one less thing to do in the mornings:)

We all worry about our kids relationships with each other but you didn't love your brother because he was athletic or smart or funny...you loved him because he was your brother. That was enough and it will be the same for Olive and Elias. They will always have each other.

very beautifully written. what little morsels of goodness in every point of interconnectedness. you bring my heart into my throat. take care.

I can totally relate to the sibling thing. First hand as well as my own kids. My brother and I couldn't be in the same room with each other without initiating WWIII. Now, we are super close.

With my teens, they bicker and squabble and call each other out. However, they also have each others back to the same degree if not more, of what they argue. Love is an amazing power.

This made me think of Elias, Olive, you. I sometimes tell my not quite 3 year old daughter to "play with" her just turned 1 year old brother while I run to do something quick. Then I'm shocked to see her grabbing at his arms, head, neck, legs with what seems like way too rough hands-- though, like Olive he is plump and delicious with baby chub. Then I thought the other day. I ask her to play with him. She doesn't know what I mean. She plays with him-- like she plays with her dolls. Always a chasm between heart, head, words. No matter how close.

I LOVE #9!
Think of that on your rough days. :)

I think every mom hopes their kids will have a strong bond as they age. I'm always trying to calm my mom down and convince her that my brother, who is in his last semester of college, is still unfinished. Just because he won't return our calls now doesn't mean we've lost him.

I think while you're taking life one day at a time, you also have to be optomistic about the big picture. Moment to moment, hour to hour, parenting isn't always so much fun. Last night I "IM-ed" my husband who was working in the other room, "We made it through the day!" LOL. as if having all three kids sleeping at 10 pm was such a success, or like the kids would stay asleep all night! What a day. But it's only by remembering that life will get better and we have so many reasons to believe that this is tough, but the future will be more fun, that we get through these days. It's the only way I got through highschool living with my parents, for that matter!

I grew up with only one of my siblings- my brother. We fought worse then cats and dogs but I can recall times were we had eachothers backs. We faced alot of prejudice due to being half lakota, not wanted by the whites and not wanted by the full blooded kids. I remember running headfirst into a group of boys who were beating him and gave it my all. When we were done and walking home he looked over at me- both his eyes were blackened, a split lip and bloody nose. He grinned at me and told me I looked horriable. I had a black eye and a bloody nose also. I told him he was ugly too and he hugged me.

Brothers and sisters are meant to fight and annoy one another. I think it brings n a stronger bond of love eventually lol

Oh Josie, thank you for this story. I do think what I see as rough at times is just Elias trying to interact. Other times its is the sibling rivalry that Laurie talks about, like I had with my brother growing up too. And Flem, you're right, I loved him and still do because he's my brother even if because he's my brother and I'm his sister we've also not liked each other at times.

Gilismom, I love your description of your brother, unfinished. So true. i was that way for a long times and came back to my parents and family after I found myself.

Melissa, I keep thinking about your story, thank you for sharing. Brothers and sisters do fight and its good for me to remember this. I see it at school with the siblings there, kicking each other in the hallway or swearing at recess and I can remember countless times i slammed my door in tears because my brother, who's older didn't want to play with me. But yes when it really matters, when we were older, we were there for each other and know I know if I called him in need he'd help.

Hello Christy .... sorry if I do not use internet much at this time, but I am two months pregnant and suffering from bad nausea and very tired ..... you know better than me .... when I turn on the computer I am always reading your blog. greetings

just now reading this post; i love your writings, and yes, even though brothers and sisters sometimes squabble, the love for one another shines thru at just the right times.

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