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I don't know much about how these things work...but ya' know how they put tennis balls on the bottom of walker?? I wonder if something similar could be made w/a blade so that Elias could have "skates" to put on his canes?? Or maybe outfitting a walker? I'm not really familiar with how all that comes out to play/work but just some thoughts. I bet he would totally dig skating. =)

Laurie, I like the way you're thinking. Next hockey game I'll toss these ideas around with Mandy and see what she thinks....

You do know about sled hockey, right? I am hoping to get my son, Jordan, involved in it. It seems perfect for a kid who walks with crutches. And it's an actual Paralympic sport! Teams are hard to come by down here, but you must have them up there!!

Here is some info from the local team I hope to get us involved in:

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