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Happy Birthday to your mom and niece. My mom was a "Heath" too. Any connection to Iowa?


Happy Birthday to both of them! Are they all visiting? It's my dad's 74th as well so remind your mom how young she is! have a great one.

happy birthdays!!!

This is a day late Happy Birthday for I just got back in town but I did wish her an early one last week. I know you are thrilled to have them there. What fun and I hope you capture Elias's face on film when he sees them.
Lots of love,

No Iowa connection that we know of Laura, but Heath is a great name. It was my middle name and I told everyone as a kid that my Grandfather invented Heath bars:)

And Flem, that picture was from two winters ago in Seattle the last time we were all together...sad.

Sorry for the lack or posts and late response here we've been too busy for me to write. All is well in AK.

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