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Cool! valerie

I wish you could video tape his reaction! I am sure it will be priceless! Have fun all!

lucky you! enjoy every minute and send hugs and kisses to jol and sus.

Enjoy!!! Wasn't it just May and we were talking about your trip East? Time flies!

yeah!!! have a wonderful visit and say hi for me :-). xo

Nothing to so with your post, but I had a dream last night that you cam to visit us (I know you don't know us :P ) and Olive played with my kids while Elias helped me balance my checkbook! How random is that???

I'd love it if Elias learned how to balance my checkbook:) Thanks for sharing your dream Jessica!

Shelley, I wish I'd thought to video tape his reaction. He and I were making coffee in the kitchen when my parents walked around the corner; it took him a moment to notice them but when he did his whole body wiggled with excited surprise.

Hugs and hellos sent all around:)

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