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Love the picture of your parents though hard to recognize them all bundled up- what is your dad pulling? I guess I should assume Elias. I know your parents were in heaven being with you all and they feel the same as you- they wish you all were closer but understand your love of Alaska.

My grandma just turned 103 at Providence Extended Care, and how I wish we could visit her, not just on that special day! Someone recently brought their laptop and she was able to "skype" us for the first time. She reached out to touch my boys' hair thru that computer screen. She loves Alaska too.

Oooh, I know what would help - MOVE back EAST!
: ) tee hee xoxo

Oh its tempting at times Anno, especially in the dark of a November without good skiing snow:)

Kate thank you for sharing this moment of your first skype with your Grandma with me-- I love the image of her reaching out to touch your boy's hair. Precious indeed.

And Noel, I know my parents feel the same way, distance is hard. My dad has our dog Tonsina on his waist, its a good hands-free leash for running or pushing a stroller.

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