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Happy Birthday to Olive! Where has the last year gone?


happy, happy birthday olive! xoxo

I think I recognize the expression in the third shot! Happy birthday Miss Olive and happy day to you too Christy!

Happy b-day Olive!

She does look like a wild thing. how fabulous! angus is now 8 as well. It has all been too fast...except for all those painfully slow days! ha- ha and ho-ho.

Happy Birthday Sister Thing!

Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday Olive! And happy Birth Day to you too Christy! It is always so great to come to your blog and see/read about the growth your kids are experiencing. I hope you have a truly lovely Christmas and that you and Nick are both healthy enough to enjoy it!

Happy Birthday, Miss Olive! I still remember reading you were expecting her... YAY!

Happy birthday, dear Olive. And to her fabulous parents who manage to juggle so much, so expertly.

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