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That is very funny!

I'm on Elias' side on this one! I'm 45 and still think that way about my siblings! One sister thing moved to Alaska and won't move back, the other sister thing can drive me just as crazy now as she has for the last 43 yrs! And our brother thing is too much to describe! Could be Elias is wise beyond his years, his experience with a sister thing has just begun!



Elias is a bright boy...I am certain Mason would refer to his brother the same way..."That brother thing". Elias rocks!

Wow- I am now, due to Elias's brilliant words- going to call my oldest sibling- that brother thing. Love it. It is so fitting and perfect- I can't wait to share it with my sister thing.
Keep writing!!!

Hilarious. Similar to my brother staring into the hospital nursery area when I was born, pointing out a baby, and asking "is that one ours?" Sort of like picking out a steak at the butchers.

If it makes you feel any better, when I was born I already had a 2 year old sister. My dad, who you know, probably should have known better, turned to my mom and said (about my newborn, red face), "Yea, don't worry, the other one got better too." So I'm pretty sure that from now on I will refer to my Dad as the "parent thing" and just make him wonder. :)

Oh your stories help, they remind me that siblings are challenging no matter what and that we all, even parent things, need time to adapt!

Perfect word choice!

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