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Yay Olive!

Thanks Faye! It really is amazing to see her develop so easily.


I feel so weird. A newborn picture doesn't look "right" without an NG tube...right? Tell me I'm not the only one! :)

Not the only one, not at all!

Wow- now she can really tackle those ornaments!
Way to go Olive. Do you have the book and elf from Elf on the Shelf. It is something that I think Elias would love. You probably know about it but if you don't, it is an Elf that is watching the children for Santa Claus. Every night the parents move him to a new spot and the children have to find him. Some times he has a little gift- like a miniature candy cane to give the children if they have been good. He cannot talk to the children- only Santa Claus but he loves to be talked to.

Congrats to her! I often wonder how differently I'd see things if KayTar had come before BubTar.

Last night I took BubTar's temp and it was 98.6. Perfect, textbook. That's him in a nutshell. I took KayTar's on Monday morning and it was 100.3, not exactly a fever, but not exactly normal either. Yup, that's my girl.

Olive's a great little gal. She has the drive within herself to go ahead and develop on her own schedule, whether at any given moment Mama's on board with that or not!

Siblings always cramp each other's style a bit... But on the other hand they learn a lot from each other about getting along in the world. I think Olive will have a head start in becoming a compassionate, accepting person.

Noel, we don't have that book or Elf but you are right Elias would love it. he loves searching for things and going on hunts.

Kyla, i'm not sure if I said how cool it is to hear from you again and o reconnect. i will need to visit your site next. And yes I think the birth order does make a difference in how we see our kids...

Linda, as always, thank you for your wisdom and perspective!

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