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I'm always shocked to see little babies/toddlers walking after having KayTar. It is even more amazing that they can just stand up still...KayTar couldn't stand still until after walking for a while.

Congrats on your little one. I used to follow you at CafeMom but lost track after that...you popped into my mind for some reason and I looked you up.

Maybe Olive won't need help walking, but someday she will need help. And Elias can and will be that guy on that day. My brothers help me all the time in many, many different ways.

Elias will help Olive develop a helpful and compassionate spirit. He will teach her this at a very young age. I see that in our two year old as she already looks out for Ellianna (5) and brings her a snack so Ellie doesn't have to struggle to rise and get her own. Our two year old has come and patted my back, wiped my tears with her hand, and told me, "it goin be okay, momma" as I sit a the kitchen table and cry for her older sister. This parallel grief and joy as Olive grows can really shake you and I know I wasn't prepared in any way for it in my situation. It hasn't gotten easier, but I am trying to find peace. I simply pray.

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