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Beautiful!!! I like to Cape Cod and back! You have an amazing son!!

Isn't it amazing how much we will never know about our children even when it seems like we are sharing the same breath? Never a snowflake the same, nor a person.

Beautiful, Christy... draws me right in!

Best of everything to you and yours in the new year.

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Happy new year to you all.

You do so touch me with your gift of words and the pictures they paint. Happy New Year to you all.

there is a true sweetness to little ones:) sometimes we are consumed with fear for their future and worry about their disabilities and we forget to enjoy them.

ataxia Is not a rare form of CP.
What is ataxia?
Ataxia is a symptom, not a specific disease or diagnosis. Ataxia means clumsiness, or loss of coordination. Ataxia may affect the fingers and hands, the arms or legs, the body, speech or eye movements. This loss of coordination may be caused by a number of different medical or neurologic conditions; for this reason, it is important that a person with ataxia seek medical attention to determine the underlying cause of the symptom and to get the appropriate treatment.
Hereditary ataxia's (more than 50) are diseases:
Disease characteristics:
The hereditary ataxias are a group of genetic disorders characterized by slowly progressive incoordination of gait and often associated with poor coordination of hands, speech, and eye movements. Frequently, atrophy of the cerebellum occurs. The hereditary ataxias are categorized by mode of inheritance and causative gene or chromosomal locus.


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