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a friend wrote this about the xmas holidays but I think it applies really well to the new year and resolutions too: have less expectations and more acceptance.
That's what I am trying this year and to begin at it again each day.

amazing...love it! Now if us Moms can remember this all year...:)

Thanks, Christy! A wise woman once told me "it's enough to have lived". That's one of the one-liners that keeps me (mostly) sane.

Happy New Year Christy! You are an amazing woman, mom, friend... you are an amazing person. Blessings.

You are an amazing daughter! We love you for who you are - not what you may want to be!

happy, happy new year! i love you just the way you are -- and lucky us, you take the time to write -- that is a real gift of a fantastic friend :-). xo

Oh, i love you all too and you know you bolster me, you do!

"Stop rhyming I mean it!"

"Would anyone like a peanut?"

(From one of my all time favorite movies. Do you know which one?)

apparently, so many years after his death, andre the giant STILL has a posse :-) (Fezzig! from the princess bride!)

Love your resolution Christy. I am one who likes to make a list of concrete goals when the new year starts. but for the past few years I've been forgetting where I put the list, and well... this year my resolution is to let love guide my actions. simple, easy to remember, and yet potentially impossible to succeed if success is the goal.
Instead, I'm going with what my yoga teacher says and making it an "intention." That sounds so much friendlier and more forgiving somehow....

Also, I watched the Voyage of the Dawn Treader with my Mom last week. In one part a little girl turns to an older one and says, I want to grow up to be just like you! And the older girl (who has earlier in the movie learned this very same important lesson) says, I hope you grow up to be just like you! That's my (stolen) wish for all of us - that we can grow up to be just like ourselves.
Definitely a lesson I can use to think about a few million times.

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