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Not bad at all!

Of course it's great. He's our grandson!! and we are so proud of him!!

I can read all those words! Great job Elias! I know what I'm about to say is absurd and that Elias' progress is his own but I feel like his ability to read and write, despite the many challenges he has, is a gift from God to his Mama who clings so tightly to her words to process and understand her world.

I can read them ALL that is great writing! He is such a smart boy!

from a 1st grade teacher I must say, WAY TO ROCK IT, ELias!!!! They are all readable and I can relate to the drawings too my son's still look mostly like the top one!

Wow- way to go Elias- he draws better then the 11 year old autistic boy I care for. Somebody needs glasses if they can't read his words- they were great and you know it took real effort to write them. No one is going to hold this boy down!

Mary Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. I am for sure a lover of language, especially as a way to process my feelings and experiences, and so yes, it does mean the world to me that Elias loves the sound of words too...and now that he is starting to read and write, it really could be a devine gift from above.

Thank you all for supporting Elias, he really has come so far. I forget at times, but need to remember.

Awesome! Nice to see hard work pay off!

Evan, in fourth grade, has started making great progress with his printing. They've given him writing paper with the bottom "half" highlighted in yellow as a visual cue where to start his letters...it's made a HUGE difference. It's probably from a catalog like Abilitations. He's also tracing his spelling words every week in cursive, and printing them the second time (the rest of the class writes them in cursive twice). I think this may be helping, too. "They" say that cursive is much easier because it's one long, smooth word with the pencil rarely leaving the paper, but we haven't found that to be the case here.

This is terrific. And leaving Olive out is a terrific coping strategy. I am impressed all around.

Awesome job, Elias!

I can read them all and they are beautiful! Way to go Elias!

Amazing progress Elias! I am so happy that you have this success and may it provide hope when those times of frustration arise. Your joy becomes the joy of all your readers.

Go Elias! It's funny how you find yourself celebrating with a boy you have never met all the while waiting for the next tale, come what may.

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