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sounds like heaven. enjoy and remember that grandma and pop can recover from their lack of sleep the very next night! you will be a better mommy and wife for it. xo and happy bday!

What a wonderful birthday present! My birthday was Wednesday and my three year old was up playing at 5:30ish and the 5 month old was up for the day at 6:15. It was NOT a good way to start the day! Happy Birthday!

That sounds like the best birthday present ever! Enjoy! I think I'll ask for the same thing when my birthday rolls around. :-)

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the sleep-a-thon!

Happy Birthday! My younger son did not sleep through the night at 13 months, either. I was still nursing, too. My husband and I went out of town for a wedding, and he miraculously slept all night long for my mother-in-law. And weaned himself, too....

Enjoy your WONDERFUL birthday! Have faith that she WILL sleep through the night. My son didn't sleep through the night until almost 17 months and stopped nursing around the same time. He also started sleeping in the same room as his sister and that helped.

Happy Birthday Christy! :)

I hear ya', mama! Natalie is not sleeping for much more than 20 minutes unless nursing on mama. NO long stretches or stretches at all for that matter these days! I hope that you enjoy your evening and are able to sleep...I never can at times like that...just too quiet and I miss them like crazy. Oh, the irony. Love you, birthday girl! We will have to have our annual birthday chat soon! XOXO

Early Happy Birthday. How times change. We were told 20 some years ago to let them cry. But when it disrupts the whole household- it is hard to do so. Enjoy your sleep- you have totally deserved it and what darling grandparents to recognize the need. I know your parents would be there too in a heart beat if they weren't so far away. You are the best mother!!!!

Happy Birthday! What a present. Just this morning my almost-two year old slept in for another hour and I lay in bed wondering if he was breathing. Ahhh parenthood

best. birthday. ever.

Good for you!

Happy Birthday! I hope your sleep was blissfully uninterrupted and that your loved ones have also spoiled you with the outpouring of love you deserve!

Happy birthday.....I hope the sleep was everything you needed.

Oh enjoy your sleep . . enjoy, enjoy. I remember the hunger for it so well . . five years later. My littlest was a non-sleeper hold-out too. And Happy Birthday!

happy happy birthday!! hope it was restful :-). xo

Oh the irony... of having a night to sleep, finally, after over a year of interruptions, and waking up at seven unable to go back to sleep. My boobs woke me up and once I pumped I couldn't fall back asleep--and Nick and I stayed up past 1:00 am. But hell, six hours is better than four and I loooovved having over 24 hours without children!

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