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you may not be 20 anymore but since I know I am a year older than you, at least you can say that your next ( and shortly upcoming ) birthday isn't your 40th! Keep pics of the kids coming because they always make me smile.

no shortage of adventures where you are! don't forget about icing and heating the sore spots. or take a nice soak! xo

My husband has learned the hard way that we are no longer "young." Throwing his back out after too hard an hour on the bike trainer. I have chosen to gracefully retire from most competitive activities, especially the ones that require full body contact or throwing my body to the ground.

Ah, Brooke, I cant give up soccer or hockey yet; I hope to be like my Dad and still playing when I'm retired but-- I think I'll have to stretch, soak, and ice a bit more often.

And Flem this one is 38 for me and 40 for my brother even though at times i still think I'm 16 and he's 18.

Did Olive get a hair cut? From the last picture with her hair in pig tails to attacking the stairs? I thought of you all week as Atlanta got hit by snow and ice- no way could I live where shoveling this stuff is routine. I feel like you after 6 hours of shoveling. My husband can't help me because of his heart or that is his excuse and he is sticking to it.
My daughter-in-law sounds just like you!!
Also I didn't know you had an upstairs.

No haircut Noel, just long on the sides so able to put into pig tails but her hair is so thin that it lays flat on her head when not up. And you are right that we don't have stairs in our house, the stairs are at David's in Seward. And as to snow, my dear cousin, we have snow on the ground but haven't had fresh snow for weeks now and i miss it!

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