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yep. that spelling test is definitely refrigerator material!
I want to read all these stories! But I'll imagine them until you have time and sleep and other fancy stuff enough to think about doing it.

love to everybody!

Hey, I swear now and then. It's allowed! It's a great way to let out your frustrations which recently you have had a few! You had a rough week. We love you and can't wait to see you in the Spring! I know all of your New England friends can't wait to see you either!!

have you thought about food sensitivities as a cause for Olive's frequent night waking? My daughter started sleeping longer stretches once I stopped eating wheat and stopped giving it to her. Dairy bothers her too. Yes she was well over 1 at the time and still nursing too. At age 14 she still gets me up at least once almost every night but that is so much better than the 3+ times a night she woke when she was much younger.

Mmm, Jarlsberg. That boy has good taste. Could you get him to add a little Brie to the stash as well?

Sarah, your speaking to my heart with Brie, especially when its warmed with brown sugar, mmmm, so yes, i may need to ask him to add it to his cache. And as to Jarlsberg whenever we are in Costco he requests specialty cheeses...the boy does have good taste.

Susanna Eve, I think we need to have her checked for food sensitivities or allergies. I tested myself during her first few months when she screamed all the time and nothing came up but Nick and I have talked about getting her tested. She also had reflux and frequent ear infections so somethings not right...it would be nice to find an answer as I'm tired of her waking up every three hours...

Mom, thanks for writing b/c you made me feel better about my post. And yes, I have heard you slip with a cuss word once or twice:) And yes, it was a rough week!

Miss you Ginna! And yes someday i will write about all of it!

(How many times can I say yes?)

You are one lucky Momma, look at those beautiful kiddos!
I know it's frigid up there, b/c it pretty darn cold down here in Minnesota too (Friday is supposed to be 40 degrees, lets bust out the shorts and tank tops!)

Sorry to hear that Olive still isn't sleeping through the night I know it can be exhausting, we will pray for rest for you!

We never did find out the cause of our demanding baby's troubles... and she was such a screamer, it was difficult to go ANYWHERE for the first year and a half. We tried everything anyone would suggest, and family and friends would even offer to babysit (just once!) because they felt sure that they could get to the cause and right it. Never happened. But she did just seem to "get a grip" one day, and the reign of terror was over! She became the best daughter I could have asked for, and now she's 25 yrs.old. It truly seems like yesterday...
I could also say that my other "difficult" toddler/preschooler, who was forever experimenting, breaking windows, cutting the phone cord with scissors, sticking a ruler into the furnace and showing Mom: "I've got the Olympic Torch!" as he ran thru the house... well, he turned out more than all right, too. He's an engineer.
We had 8 children all together, and we've still got some littles at home, so I haven't retired as Mom just yet. Just seems that the more trouble they gave me when young, the better they turned out, somehow. Just want to give you some encouragement. The hours and hours of attention you give, the sleep you miss - it will all pay off in the end.

Thanks for the prayers and the words of encouragement you two! Kate J, i love hearing about "difficult" babies/toddlers turning into wonderful daughters/sons. Cutting the phone cord with scissors is a good one! Thank goodness for today's cell phones and cordless telephones!

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