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That is pure boy joy if I've ever seen it! My boy will be 6 soon and it's so hard to believe....next comes 7! Yikes!

OMG!!! SEVEN!!? No Way! Happy Birthday Elias!!

Christy, your boy is so grown up!!....this pictures are really full of joy and so fun and nice!....I always read your blog with love and interesting.....in May I will have a baby girl!...I hope she will be beautifull like your Olive!
A lot of love

He LOOKS so grown up!!Happy Birthday!!

Happy seven, Elias! Time sure flies, eh?

Love these pics! All birthday and cupcake goodness!

I still can't believe he's seven!!!

Happy Birthday to Elias!!! Seven is fantastic :)

happy birthday elias!!! wonderful to see your happiness. looks like a great cake, too! xo

Happy Birthday Elias! After five they just keep coming faster and faster... :)

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