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Oh please feel better and enjoy this long weekend!!Now if only you could send your sick tummy down to me so that I could lose some much needed weight around my tube- I would even thank you. What a darling family you have in your support system. Keep remembering that.
Love to you all. I am sick that we are not going to be able to spend some time with your parents next month for we are hoping to move but today was a bad inspection day with the electrician- old knob and tubing- grrrrr. Still keeping our fingers crossed but they are getting so old.

that just warms my heart! hope you feel better and don't stress about "flat kaki." just a post card will do. later you can email me a pic of one of your previous trips to seward and I will print it here for them to put on the wall...the area up by alaska has a ton of available space as you can imagine! I remember a ton of beautiful ones when you went dipnetting? too. so stay off the chocolate until your tummy recovers. we had the tummy bug too...we recovered quickly and I hope the same for you!

Feeling your pain. Feels like at least one and often two of us have been sick with something for weeks. The ensuing sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, excess chocolate, lack of me time is not helping anyone. Hope you feel better soon and get some fun down time to relax and enjoy ALaska and your beautiful family! That note is AMAZING!

I have some first graders that need Elias to help them spell, he also needs to help them with their letter formation, as their's is not near as good as his! What a sweet note

Hope you're feeling better, dear ... I feel for you, quite literally, since I seem to have caught it today. Ugh. Good thing February is a short month!

i hope you're getting some rest and drinking lots of fluids. be well. xo

Finally able to sit up...

Noel, I wouldn't wish this on anyone, even as a way to lose weight. Sorry about your inspection, hope the crossed fingers make everything turn out all right.

Flem, Flat Kaki is off to her next destination and two postcards are in the mail. I'll email you some pictures soon.

Kate, I hope both our families recover from this mess soon and that we both get some down time to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

Jill, thanks for writing this because his spelling amazes me but I'm his mom:)

Susan, hope you are better soon too.

Ebeth, fluids are in and finally staying in, even ate a banana, rice, and applesauce today...

Thanks all for your notes, back to bed with me now:)

:) They sure know how to lift our spirits at exactly the right time. Hope you feel better soon and avoid the next round of bugs.

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