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Elias has so much determination. He is going to go far! So glad he wants to help his sister -he is beginning to accept her finally.

Love the picture of Elias going though the woods. We have been there with him before!

determination is good:) Lots of dogs in the first photo!!

Susanna, we are at the Connor's Bog Dog park here where dogs can be off leash, so only one of those is ours:)

And acceptance of Olive is coming slowly M + D, glacially so but coming.

Aweome! Looks like your mode of transport on snowpack is the same as ours!

Great shots! I love the over-sized vest on Olive in the bottom one. The picture is not cut off when I read it initially via an RSS feed from your blog.

Elias is such a trooper. Tessie'd probably be chillin with Olive in the sled!

I love it!

ADORABLE photos! I hope to take my boy S to the snow this year. Thanks for making it look so possible! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world!
It's been a long time since I've posted on your blog, but I read it often and I am so pleased to hear how wonderfully Elias and the gorgeous Olive are going. Keep up the great blogging work.
Dianne from Australia

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