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ps: my lack of longer posts lately is due to another bout of sickness here at our house. First Elias and now me and Olive. Summer break couldn't come fast enough!

ah, shoot, now Nick is sick too:(

Oh no! I feel your pain, friend. Been a sick month here in this house. Brutal!

That picture is SO STINKING CUTE! And yes, please, on those hand me downs! Nothing cuter than polka dots on a toddler! tee hee.

I didn't think there was school anywhere in North America on good friday!!! not anywhere in Canada I am pretty sure.
Hope you all are better soon.

That totally made me smile ... Happy Good Earth Friday to you as well, and know that I'm thinking lots of WELLNESS thoughts for your household. UGH. Still coughing here, but trying hard to believe it will end some day...

I have the cough, throat, nose thing, as does Elias, but Olive and Nick have an awful stomach bug, hoping Elias and I don't catch it next.

And se, we tend to be behind the time here in Anchorage, so yes, we had school today-- though a lot of students, including our principal, made other choices to honor the day.

Cute picture!
I'm in KY and we had school today too. We haven't been off in the 7 years I've taught here, but my husband who works for a Japanese corporation is off! :)

we had school in ohio too. I think they figure you can go to a church service in the evening. Happy Easter and Happy Earth Day. I'm off to eat egg salad!

Happy Easter! ( a smidge early) LOVE this photo!

My response to the girl was, "mmm, that's a pretty rock you found!" Wasn't quite ready to explain the different meanings of the day to her.

And as to our family health, all I can say is sick, sick, sick, and more sick. We all got the stomach bug this weekend, ruining our Easter plans and making a mess out of our days. Ugh.

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