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love that while I am casually doing my running or lifting, you are being traded in the upper divisions of womens hockey! I hope you signed a lucrative 5 year contract!

I wish:)

Nah, instead I'm the smallest player on the team playing with a lot of women who can kick my butt... but having fun nonetheless!

Two games today, hoping for two more wins but the next two teams are much stronger than the one we played last night.

So we won our first game today 5-1 but lost our second 5-0. we are still in the championship tomorrow, against the team we just lost to, and am hoping for a different outcome...

Good luck!

Yay!! Good luck with the next game...

how'd it go?? xo

Oh the heartbreak. We lost 2-1 in the championship game even though we controlled the puck more and played a hell of a lot better than our previous game against this team. My good friend Liz scored their two goals so at least I can be happy for her...as much as you can be happy for another team beating you... but it was fun to play. I think the goalies made the difference in the game, which reminded me why I wouldn't want to be a goalie where a mental mistake can end with the puck in the net. Sore today and tired. Thanks for the cheers!

I'm from Kentucky and UK lost their Final Four game by 1 point...oh the heartbreak, indeed! Glad you had fun!

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