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Oh dear. I hope everyone is better now? Sorry it was so rough.

one way of keeping everyone from eating too much chocolate! If it makes you feel any better, it rained hard all day here like it has for the past 21 out of 26 days. drought last summer and now so much rain that it is just running off into the ohio river. our daffodils drowned. ho-hum.

aw, man. when the easter bunny brings stuff like that in his basket, you just gotta send him back! If you were at school, you must be improved, I hope. Big hug and lots of saltines and gingerale...

Hug x 2.

Oh... sorry to hear that! Feeling better afterwards is almost a new beginning :-)
I hope that bug doesn't come back for many years!

If people knew the intimate details of bringing up children, then procreation would cease. That's why God made baby-making so fun.

Well said Greta, thanks for the smile.

Still not fully healthy but a hell of a lot better than I was this weekend. Still run down and coughing but no longer hugging the toilet.

Flem, I'm wishing you some dry skies and sunshine my friend!

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