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1. Championship round! Go you!

2. I feel you in that attempt to look for how we are similar - how is it that our unity gets lost in low self-esteem, lack of time, lack of care? We're all a little awkward - and if we can admit it about ourselves, we can laugh with others instead of at them.

love to you!

Ginna, thanks for understanding. I know this post jumps around a bit and is laced with profanity but I guess I've been a little overwhelmed lately by all the ways in which people demonize each other. My office is full of kids being bullied and I know it will only get worse...the dreamer in me just wants us all to get along, from school kids to countries.

And thanks for the hockey cheer, I had a blast playing with the Canadian team and actually enjoyed being the lone American in the room. Laughing at ourselves sure helps!

I do live in canada but was born in the US. I have lived in Canada since 1965.
You write so poignantly and beautifully. I always look forward to reading your blog.
p.s. I have changed which name and e-mail address I am using.

Great post, Christy. It's so important to stop and think sometimes, about the big picture and how we ALL are just trying to live and survive each day. There are always going to be a zillion differences, but the fundamental similarities of being human should still -- even occasionally -- amaze us.

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