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Happy sighs and slightly leaky eyes here. Lovely. Just heart-warmingly lovely.

That's great Christy - Toby has had a similar pathway to friendship. He's always been friendly to all but largely a "solo" kid when it comes to playtime and recess and after school stuff. This year, he has made one good friend - it's been awesome. (Two or three times prior, he's had a kid who he really likes and they've been friends for a bit - but in the end, kids are pretty active and Toby gets left in the dust; plus, it's just hard to "leave" Toby at other folks' house when he needs some level of care help). The lesson for me is that unlike with his older sister (who has more friends than I can keep track of), all you need is one...just one friend is enough :)

Truly a happy Friday for your family!

Hooray for Ellias! Hooray for Ellie! Hooray for that other kid, too! I hope today turns out to be another good playday for them.

So relieved it ended well! so heartbreaking to watch our kids navigate this friendship thing. we're struggling with some major bullying stuff and the clinical side of me is all understanding of its roots, concern for the bullying child, but the mother part is all bear.

Oh such wonderful little steps and lets hope they become big steps. Oh the joy of a friend- its a start. Deep breath Mom- you are doing a super job!

Hurray for nice kids!! (Not that there are bad ones, but...)

love this story -- what a treat for all three of you! xo

"Yep, Elias is pretty lucky; I'm his mom and the school counselor."

And by the way--truer words were never spoken!!

exciting news christy! where there is one friend there are sure to be others.

That's so sweet! Do you get lonely now without your buddy playing for both teams?

I want to say that they've been playing together every day since I wrote this but Elias still keeps me company at soccer and Ellie still wanders around the playground, with the two of them friendly but not playing together always as friends--but that's also their personalities so I'm still hopeful and happy about their interactions so far.

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