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Aww, cute picture. I asked my mother the same thing and got the same response. Pretty sure I came back with "but WE don't get presents and to go out to dinner and breakfast in bed..." Because apparently, a house to live in, a closet full of clothes, three homemade meals a day, transportation, sports equipment, vacations, etc. all on someone elses dime are not gift enough ;-)

I didn't grow up in a family that made a big deal out of mother's day. I have 4 grown kids and 1 (special needs) teenager. My 3 boys who don't live here all called me that was it. Every day is mother's day in my life.

Amen! May the light find us all when we need it most. Happy (every day is) Mothers Day to you!

I just wish that enjoying mother's day didn't mean that the pile of laundry was still waiting for me on Monday morning! It doesn't get better than the homemade cards though...even if the teachers had to beg my kids to make them!

Happy every-day-is-mommy-day to our kids -- you deserve lots of love and peace and I hope respite care is found for you guys so you can enjoy the rest of the summer moments with your darlings. I love my kids too -- but there are definitely moments I am grateful that they have somewhere to go, something to do. You are still my inspiration!

Everyday is a new challenge for our mom's whatever it takes they need to pursue their dreams for us so why is it no kids day? simple, because everyday is a challenge for our parents how to live healthy and wealthy to feed our daily needs and to make our dreams came true.

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