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And for once I'm less worried about Elias, his constant questions may bore a hole in my head but at least he understand that hugs from Nana and Papa await us at the end of our time as flying sardines.

Olive, well, she'll just scream.

Travel safe and have a terrific time on the Cape. Thanks for making me feel only half crazy.


Have a good trip!

The Little Engine--what an inspiration! LOL! Have fun!

Safe travels - once again I am way far away and unable to come meet you near or on the Cape as I totally would - however I'm in Mali (right, West Africa) and then not home until June 3....one of these years!

Have a great time!

I am traveling with Santino (now 3 years old) next week to Texas. I am trying to plan and scheme as much as possible to keep him quiet and calm on the plane ride there and back. It's going to be .... interesting traveling with him by myself but I am really excited. Good luck to you, I'm sure it will all be fine!

keep that sun shining through the weekend please!

they might surprise you...who knows? and knowing your parents, they will take the kids out of your arms and you will be lucky to get them back at all! have a great vacation. you all deserve a break from the winter routine.

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