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Beautifully awesome! Happy Mother's Day, with hugs!

Happy home from the NICU anniversary! It was great to see Elias from over the fence tonight! Sorry we missed you for more time together. So happy to have Elias and your family in our lives....

Happy homecoming anniversary Elias! I'll never forget the day we brought our 24-weeker home from the hospital after 117 days in the NICU. Now he's 14 years old, and tonight he's appearing in his middle school production of "High School Musical." Next year he'll be off to high school.

I too remember feeling that I never wanted to let him go. So weird that he's a teenager now.

Isn't it funny how as parents we cannot wait for the milestones then immediately wish in a way that we could take them back.
I can't wait until she walks...hey, come back here!
I can't wait until he talks...oh, my, please be quiet for two seconds!
I can't wait until kindergarten....what high school already?
I can't wait until she can drive to help cart around her brother and sister....wait, come back!

Congratulations family! Look how far you all have come!

I have to admit I like the baby stage better, before they realize they're separate from you, that they can leave you, defy you, hurt your feelings, drive you crazy, actually GROW UP. Sigh.

Happy Mothers Day!

beautiful post. i work in a nicu and your post really resonated.

happy mother's day!!! xo

I start to type this with tears in my eyes Christy - congratulations to you and Nick, you both deserve to walk proud with your heads held so HIGH!! I can't believe its been 7 years already- I remember standing in the hallway at PNA with all staff surrounded in one big group as we bowed our heads in prayer for Elias' health and also strenth for you and Nick...AMAZING!!! He was no bigger than a ruler then, and look at him climbing mountains now! WOW - I really can't say anything else, except KEEP up the GREAT work and may God continue to Bless your family as you bring so many others blessings through this blog - you are wonderful person! HUGS!

As always, your comments lift me on my hardest days. Thank you to all of you for your support and understanding and wisdom and stories and humor and prayers. Love and hugs all around!

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