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Have fun with Cat! Give her a hug from us!!

Amazing how one's world can shrink to only the immediate situation when raising youngsters! Another young mother and I reassured one another that 'Mr. Rogers likes us just the way we are' - as he said to children on his tv show. Adult contact not connected with children can be a boost to one's brain (and mood). Enjoy!

When my preschool aged son was asked for his mothers' day project what his mama liked to do best her said, "Put me to bed" I am HOPING he put this because we spend the time cuddling and reading books and not because he knows that there are some days I count down the minutes until bed time so I can finally have some tome to myself :P

Have a great visit with Cat! She will "fill" your empty cup and the kids will have a blast too. enjoy.

After six years now of staying home with Anna, MAN, do I know what you're talking about. For the first few years after Charley died, staying home with her was the perfect, best place for me. But for the last 1-3 years? (4 years?) My god, I'd kill for some of that time to think, reflect, and BE without the constant mommymommyMOMMY static. Which makes me all the more glad that I'm finally ready to be going back to work. (Now if I could just find a job and get hired--no, to WRITE my stupid resumes and cover letters in a timely fashion--that'd be something.)

I rarely comment, but I'm always reading…and always nodding my head along in agreement with you. I might have a totally normal child, but I think the dead husband and the years of grief might be the 'special-needs child' in my life. You help me feel much more normal. =)

Hope you have a fabulous time with your friend!!


Hello! From Al. I wish I could join you. I could use some grounding reminiscing with the 2 of you. There's something so healthy about remembering who you were (and thus are) with the people who knew you, stripped of kids, husbands, mortgages. Have fun.

Right there with you, Christy!

Ah yes, the endless needs cycle... Feed, clean, change, answer same question 75 times in a non irritated voice, REPEAT. On a good day you hardly notice it. On a bad day it takes on behemoth proportions. The interval between one minute to the next is reduced to an excruciating survival game where the outcome is uncertain. A hollowed out husk with a barren crater of meaningless crumbs pretty much sums it up. Been there, doing that ;-)

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