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Christy, I really like this jump back and forth technique and hope to try it myself someday. (I used it a bit in an essay about my mom that was published in Literary Mama, which is an online magazine that you were made for! Why haven't I thought earlier to tell you to submit? Or hacve you already, and I have notchecked it recently? But in that essay each bit was about my mom at a different point in time, there were fewer characters to deal with.) Anyway, I like where this is going but I had trouble with the bit that began " 'I'm sorry" the woman said" because I immediately thought it was the same woman who used the handicapped spot you did not take.
Did I really jsut write that? Well, you did say it was a draft for an essay and I am a bitchy English teacher who loves to write and loves to read what you write.
Can't wait to read the final copy. Your blog is consistently thoughtful, beautiful, and inspiring.

Danielle, I loooove that you wrote with feedback, as a former English teacher myself I appreciate good editing and I didn't even think about the fact that readers would assume i was talking about the same woman who parked illegally. I'll change that intro so the new woman is introduced before she speaks or so the setting is clear. Thank you , thank you, thank you Danielle!

Me again. So I just made a quick change for now b/c when I reread it this morning it bugged me too.

And Danielle, I have read Literary Mama when Vicki Forman use to write a monthly column for them called Special Needs Mama but need to check it out more now and think about submitting something to them. Thanks for the idea:)

Hi Christy,
Then you HAVE to read Vicki Forman's book. Order it from www.addall.com (they scan all online sellers to get the cheapest price and they include shipping when they do their comparison!) That book is amazing.

Read it and loved it-- even if it was hard to read as she put me right back into the NICU with her vivid descriptions.

You remind me of Abby Wambach. Can't wait to see you!

This is a great piece Christy. I feel like I'm in the room with you. You've captured that core part of you - that rock solid, fierce confidence I remember so well, and interwoven it beautifully with your day to day mama challenges. I also really like the back and forth jumps into your history. I await the expanded version, as this seems like very fertile soil!

Thank you!!!!!!

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