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Oh what wonderful days to soak up and to reboot those batteries. Enjoy every minute!!


I know you don't want to deal with it yet but before I forget- with my age you have to write it down NOW for it will be gone in a minute- a great book about aspergers is Craig Kendall's The Asperger's Syndrome Survival Guide. I have subscribed to his newsletter which is free. He is a father with an asperger child. I have been taking care of an asperger boy for 4 years now and I have seen such progress- from not being able to look you in the eyes to being able to. But it has gotten better the older he has become and with the constant work. It is just nice to know WHY he does certain things. OK- enough- go back to the wilderness. XOX

Thanks for the reference Noel--I will add it to my list! And thank you Tabatha for your kind word:)

There's no rush to Google just yet Christy. Here's what you need to know. Asperger's = highly intelligent. So there. :p~ Everything else you can learn after school starts. :)

Ironically, I checked your blog right before I paid a medical bill for my daughter (hello, Dr. Freud). Thank you for the virtual deep breath of fresh air, the breathtaking beauty of an Alaskan summer and the reminder that real life is OUTSIDE.

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