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When my daughter Zoe was Olive's age we spent a lot of summer days at the beach. One day we were digging for clams and she was happily pouring sand between her toes. She was extra quiet for a bit so I glanced her way and dangling from her mouth was a huge dead crab. She was so poud of herself!

Ha! She seems pretty adventurous with non-food stuff. ;) How is she with trying new foods? Jona is okay but I CAN NOT get him to eat eggs or mashed potatoes. Oh and he has entered the "I want to be naked all of the time" stage. If she hasn't yet, be forewarned. haha They keep things interesting, that's for sure... :)

Amanda, if Olive was with Zoe she would have given her a big smile and tried to find her own dead crab to eat:)

Faye, part of the evilO nickname is with real food she plays with it, throws it on the ground, rubs it in her hair AND she LOVES naked time too. She has fully discovered her vagina and often throws temper tantrums during diaper/clothes changes when i wont give her free naked time. Interesting is right:)

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