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We started last week! Teacher on the 1st and kids on the 4th. It was nice to have only 2 days with kids to start out. Made it an easier start. Even though I didn't want summer to end I have LOVED the first day of school since 1983 when I started Kinder!

True Jessica, the first day of school is always exciting; and now I don't feel like I'm the only one heading in early. Thanks for writing!

I'm not ready either--but for me the busy days of school will replace the constant thinking of my own children so far away living their own lives. May we both become more content with our current circumstances. See you tomorrow!

What a beautiful way you have captured and decribed the essence of what I've been feeling lately. I find myself wishing time away (like the next 2.5 weeks of having Nik home fulltime; it's exhausting!) and wishing I could stop it for just a little while. I guess there are some things that are simply universal to parenting, regardless of whether one's child/ren have needs which are typical or more involved.

I think too that any parents of older kids even NT ones are not being completely truthful if they don't admit to a certain amount of relief at not having that HUGE responsibility all the time. I do miss my "kids" desperately when I don't see them for months (the 14 months of not seeing my oldest last year was really long) at a time but they are now make their own choices and live their own lives. One of the hard things about parenting a special needs child as the last of my 5, is knowing that she won't be able to waltz out the door on her own by age 20 if that were what she wanted.

se, I did have a friend with older kids smile at me the other day when a group of us with toddlers and young kids were busy negotiating sharing and turn taking as our kids screamed and cried. "Do you miss this?" I asked. "No," she smiled. And thanks for sharing about your youngest as I too worry about that with Elias, whether he will be able to go out on his own as a young adult or not.

Niksmom if you find the secret to staying present please let me know:)

Kathy Sue, great to see you today, I think Nick had the harder job than I did being home with both kids.

You have some of the most beautiful writting on the blogosphere.

Mary Elizabeth, you made my day:)

and yet...I miss it terribly even after being retired for 13 years from Fairbanks School District. I miss the kids most of all, their hugs, smiles, questions about life, their struggles and stretching and growing through their lives. fond memories as I live another different chunk of my life. thanks Christy for stirring up those happy memories. Valerie

Valerie, you are right there is also something so magical about the start of a new school year! Miss you my mentor!!!

Eloquent, as usual. You seem to capture many of our feelings, but make them so much more thoughtful!

Oh, and the grass is often greener because we can't see the weeds from a distance. ;)

Ah, so beautiful, and for me, so spot on. I know exactly what you mean as I watch my baby girl--my baby girl!--turn into a tweenager and my little guy cling to the last remnants of little boy. I so dread the day when I am no longer his "best mommy."

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