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Both of my kids didn't sleep through the night until they were COMPLETELY weaned. With Eli, that was 17 months, and with Cora (who at a year was still getting up every 2 hrs wanting to nurse) I weaned her at 13 months for sanity's sake! The week I weaned her, she started sleeping through the night! I definitely am a much better mother when I get sleep! Just a thought! Prayers for some rest!

Its funny how sometimes just writing about something makes it better. Its ten of seven am and Olive went to sleep at 8:00 and it STILL sleeping. A new furnace was installed yesterday so our house is a lot warmer than usual this morning and I'm thinking maybe she's been cold...She was sleeping through the night most of the summer and then something shifted in the past month, right along with the weather. But yes, Emily, I think weaning might help too, which will happen this fall--though I'm not looking forward to the process as I have a feeling she will be much harder than Elias was.

Oof, I know those feelings all too well. And, for what it's worth, it may have been the cold keeping Olive from sleeping through the transitions between sleep cycles. My Nik would do that every time the weather changed and it cold colder in his room. Frustrating until we figured it out!

This post today was a gift I needed...the reminder that, yes, sometimes all it does take is a job. A purpose. I feel like I have lost sight of mine some days when the autism currents are running exhaustingly high in our house, or Nik won't eat, or...or...or...
Those are the moments I can focus on my purpose, my job and let that carry me through my own "I don't wanna..." times. Thanks!

You are so not alone on this... Over the past week, my kids have tag teamed me with one or the other up in the wee hours almost every night. Ugh. Today, week 4 of the new preschool, I heard "I don't want to go to school," accompanied by a whine. Distracted him by focusing on what awesome trucks we may see on the short drive to school. I may have to make "truck spotting" his official job on the way to school.

As I am still struggling with the transition back to school from summer, I can just say that I literally feel your pain. I am EXHAUSTED, mentally and physically...and I don't even have such a little one as Olive anymore...so I can only imagine how you must feel. Thinking of you...xoxo

I don't know how you do it Christy. If I had to convince my child every day to go to school I think I would go mad! Peer pressure may help in that regard because my girls love school so Angus is more inclined to think that maybe today will be the day he discovers their "secret" to loving the clustered desks and chicken cutlets at lunchtime. Will Olive stay home next year or go to a daycare? Even if it is just a house around the corner, Elias may like that the whole family has to go somewhere. Stay strong friend!

I wasn't going to comment because I homeschool and also couldn't imagine having to persuade my child to go to school everyday. But I respect your decision to do what you think is best for Elias.
However, with all due respect to a previous commenter, sleeping through the night really isn't a result of weaning. For every person who swears that weaning was the magic trick for getting their child to sleep better at night there is a woman out there who will tell you how weaning her toddler did NOT improve their sleep habits or anything else. I personally had a completely breastfed baby who slept through the night at just a few months of age. I also had a preschooler who didn't sleep more than 4 hours in a row for a couple of years after he was weaned and at least a year after his younger brother who was still nursing started sleeping through the night. Allergies can be a factor as well as many other things but please don't wean her just because you think she would sleep better. I know I am a supporter of extended breastfeeding, but Olive is still plenty young:) You can chose to alter your bedtime routines etc. if you want her to be able to go sleep without nursing to sleep without having to wean her completely.
One last bit to this really long comment: weaning is meant to be gradual and not difficult or painful in any way for the mother or child. If she fights it really hard then again, please take the time for her sake and yours to consider if perhaps she isn't ready for that quite yet.
I couldn't find any way to write to you privately, so I am going out on a limb and putting all this in a comment.

Niksmom, I'm glad my post found you on a day you needed a reminder about the importance of a "job" whatever that may be. Its funny b/c as crazy as I feel on the weekdays, I also feel this way on weekends if I have both kids to myself and I need to remind myself that just being with them is important work, the most important, even if at times it feels like I'm only answering pointless questions and changing poops.

Karolyn, I hope he truck spotting job works and the whine dissipates. And that a full night's sleep is on order for tonight.

La, the change from summers off to school is never easy and somehow I doubt it gets any easier with older kids. You may not have a little one but you have more homework to help with at night. Is it bad that I'm already dreaming of next summer?

Flem, glad to hear Angus follows his sisters with the hope that today will be the day he discovers the secret joys of school. I do think when Olive is in daycare or preschool it will help. There's the chance that could happen this winter if not next year as Nick is starting to consider job opportunities and she is also seeming more and more ready for more structured social/learning experiences with other kids. The downside of us all going somewhere is that Nick gets a lot of domestic/home repair things done during the week that will then all be put off for evenings or weekends. But there are always trade-offs with every decision...

se, thanks for "going out on a limb" and sharing your thoughts here. I've been thinking about weaning, not as an answer to her sleep issues but b/c it seems to be happening somewhat naturally anyways. That said, it is still part of our routine, and I don't feel like either of us is ready to give it up yet. I'm glad you wrote about reconsidering if she really fights it b/c in my head I was thinking I'd pick a weekend to have the kids stay with their grandparents and go "cold turkey" and yet the thought of Olive crying "see, see," (which is what she says when she wants to nurse meaning, "sit sit with me") and just refusing her b/c this is the date I chose feels hard because she wont understand. So I feel like you just gave me permission to reconsider when we stop if it feels too dramatic or painful. Thank you.

Convincing Elias to go to school apart, I am a little jealous of your schedule because I am mostly alone for the mornings and evenings:-) That is with four kids. Two nights ago I did not nurse my two year old in the middle of the night because she does not go back to sleep when I do. Last night she still woke up but went back to sleep, without nursing or crying. Progress! I am personally ready to wean her but she is very smart and knows to ask at dawn...

Ellie, I don't envy you waking and settling four sets of arms and legs and hearts and needs and questions, mostly alone. Here's to progress! Thanks for sharing:)

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