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Yep, she just woke up at 1:30 am and I hadn't quite fallen asleep yet. Not looking forward to my alarm clock...

The days are shorter here too. It's dark when I get up at 6 and dark again around 7. You have a great family and I love the picture on the blog and the mental pictures of Elias and Olivia dancing and hugging. Miss you all.

y'all are definitely more than all right - you're thriving and awesome :)

Glad things are going smoothly right now, Christy. It's always nice to sit back and think about the good things in life that almost always outweigh the bad. (It's a lesson that took me at least 35 years to learn!).

The mornings are darker here too (down in Vancouver, BC) and I always find it hard both going to and coming home from work in the dark.

I just noticed that Elias' and Olive's eyes are different colours (but both striking). Makes me think back to high school biology...if I remember right, Elias had a 25% chance of having blue eyes. Looks like he beat the odds!

your family is alright, just the way it unfolds. valerie

thrilled to be along whether its darkness or light, but today greatful for the light.

Christy, it is the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, and so I wish you and your family exactly the kind of sweetness you've been experiencing throughout the year ahead. I am so glad that you are storing up these moments (and allowing us to witness them) just like a squirrel stores nuts before the winter!

Happiness and peace!

Isn't it warming to know that she will always adore him? There may be days that he wears on her, but I imagine she will still love him ferociously.

Gosh, I love reading your comments. Just did for a second time.

Procrastamom, as to eyes, I love that Elias has Nick's blues but my shape face and Olive has my brown's and Nick's features. Thanks for noticing.

Ferocious love, Erin, I'll hold those two words together in my hopes for my kiddos love for each other. Thank you.

Danielle, I'm honored to have a Rosh Hashanah wish from you.

Kate,thanks for being along for both the light and the dark:)

Miss you Valerie.

Sara, thriving is always my hope, thanks for your faith in us.

Mom, I love you always. And Elias and Olive ask about you every day, "Nana?" You will never be forgotten up here.

I'm late catching up, but hoping the light within your family continues. Remember, just as the sun returns to Alaska (eventually, right!?), so too will the light and dark dance within your home. It's just life. And you all handle it with such grace.

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