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Beautiful photos! I especially love that last one. Happy Friday to you too!

Autumn is certainly my favorite time of the year. I know I love the snow during winter, but sometimes the cold is just too much. With autumn, everything just seems to be so-so. The sun is up but there's a chill in the air, the leaves start falling, everything just feels nostalgic.

Alaska is just CRAZY BEAUTIFUL! I know you all take full advantage of the great outdoors which is a comfort to your friend living out here in the midwest!....not a mountain for miles!

Everything okay? I get worried when an entire week goes by...

Yes, Danielle, just a super busy week with three hockey games when I would usually write. I started a post last night after my game but was too tired to finish it so I hope to today. Thank you for your concern, it feels good that you noticed:)

And Flem, one of these summers you have to come visit!

Miss you Faye:)

and long time readers know to look in the comments to see what's going on when you are too busy etc. to post:)

Nice shotsThere’s just so much serene scenes everywhere when it’s autumn. I can feel how perfect and peaceful the scene is.

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