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So beautiful, so poignant in its simplicity and the small treasures held within. You brought tears to my eyes today...the good kind.

beautiful. just beautiful.it is the collection of these small moments that make up our lives and it is easy to lose sight of them in the busy-ness of every day. loved it. will try to hold onto these gems more. thanks for the reminder.

Thank you for this collection. Sometimes we all forget how precious each such moment is, what a privilege it is to have moments.

Oh, I love these kinds of posts.. you're masterful at capturing the small, beautiful moments that truly do make life wonderful. I'll picture little Olive, standing up for Elias and the dad turning to you and saying, "That's cool" for days. It is SO cool.. and that's your little girl, feisty and strong and yet loving and caring at the same time. It also shows how even though Elias and her may fight, they are bonded in only the way siblings know.. as an only child, it always makes a bit jealous, but it also makes me happy, so happy for you and your family. I've followed your blog since way before Olive came along, and when I'm feeling hopeless about ever having my own children, I remember her and smile. You waited a long time for your family, and now, here it is. Thank you for sharing.

"Sometimes we need to gather small moments, like seashells, hold them up to the light to see the beauty and symmetry in the details, lift them to our ear to hear the deep hum of the ocean's roar, collect them like treasures to preserve a life.

For in the end, this is what matters..."
YES! So well written!

You all give me the strength and courage to keep writing, even on days when the magical moments are harder to find. Thanks for appreciating what I have to say!

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