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I'm glad his first party turned out so well. What a great memory for you all!

sigh. what a beautiful birthday party! Makes me want blue icing on my face ;-)

smiling :-)

I'm so glad that it went so well. Yay for birthday parties, and blue icing, and friends!

Thanks all! I did find out that Serenity invited the whole class (I had a feeling Elias didn't make the short list), and the fact that only three made it makes me a little sad, not for her, but for all those kids who wanted to go but did not have the means/support to make it. And yet Serenity had her whole extended family there and those of us from school who could go had a wonderful time. One of the older boys asked me if I was coming to his party and it was nice to say I was there as Elias's Mom, he was the one invited not me:)

Glad you are all okay. And...Fist pump! So glad it went well. This oarty is Elias's hockey game: probably as much anticipation and nerves and action! Lucky he has you rooting for him.

All the more enjoyable for all the anticipation and anxiety that went into it and then to have it all fall into place. love that!

one friend can mean the world. lucky elias.

What a beautiful memory for you and Elias. Glad it went so well. It doesn't matter who was invited... You and Elias went, you saw, he bounced and you both conquered! Danielle in zurich has it right: fist pumps all around.

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