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i know that food is difficult with him but have you looked into food allergies? I am not a believer that gluten is the big culprit but certainly dairy allergies produce congestion as a symptom.
Can you get decent cat scan photos if he didn't stay still? That's awful that the sedation didn't work:( My daughter was sedated for an MRI last summer and we are scheduled to rinse and repeat sometime in 2012 (the sedation made her ill on and off for 2 days).

That's our next step. We see a Naturapath next week. And we also now need to find a good ENT doc to check Elias's adnoids (sp?). Not sure how he checks and whether Elias would need o be sedated again.

I did end up calling the doc from this post to share my concerns and he owned his mistake, said he under-sedated Elias and would use a different drug next time. One option would mean no IV. For Elias it is the anticipation of the IV not the pain that gets him, after he was traumatized years ago by multiple attempts to place an IV...

Oh but he recovers more quickly than I do.

Oh, God, I'm so sorry. We have been in those exact shoes at one point or another. One thing to ask about for any future procedures...NO VERSED. We discovered, the VERY hard way, that Nik has a paradoxical reaction to it and other meds in the same class (valium, versed, etc.). They make him extremely hyper, anxious and agitated. Combative even. Once we figured that out, the docs have avoided it and we've had good results with propofal or sevoflurane (gas). It also took us years to finally find a really good GI doctor who could tell us that even though Nik doesn't *technically* have food allergies, he may be super sensitive to several things. He did determine, via endoscopic biopsy, that he is missing lactase, the enzyme to break down dairy sugars. Since we made that discovery and added a simple enzyme...SO.MUCH.BETTER in terms of GI *and* ENT issues! Ask your doc about that...apparently lactase (lph) doesn't fully develop until third trimester (about 38 weeks it's at 70%) and many preemies have lactose intolerance as a result.

Niksmom, thank you for writing about this! That's the first I've heard of preemies and lactose intolerance. I'm calling Elias's doc on Monday and will talk with him about this. Pretty typical that I'd learn more from another Mom than from a day in the hospital. Nick and I send a cheers to you tonight:)

I hate even suggesting this, but when my son had a runny nose for a year we had take a very easy skin test to rule out CF. God, I hate even writing that. Ours was neg.

So sad and sorry for yours and Elia's experience. I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and I can tell you that his experience (and yours) does not have to be repeated. A pediatric anesthesiologist should be able to sedate him without all the trauma. It requires the doctor to stay during the procedure, use inhaled gas through a mask and then the placement of the IV. It is your right and don't feel bad about making a consult appointment prior to the procedure with the anesthesiologist and the head of the CT scanner unit. The post about Versed is correct; the paradoxical reaction is not common, but we do see it. You are a great mom and I am confident you will make this better for all of you the next time he needs a procedure.

so awesome that you have a place to share all this info! I am old enough to still think that cell phones and the web are incredible! My eleven year old still can't believe that I grew up without these things. I f the doc is on the fence about his adenoids, my advice will be to remove them. My husband had his removed a couple of years ago after recurring illness etc. and that was terrible as an adult. Kids recover MUCH quicker. (his was tonsils too) More importantly, Happy Birthday to OLIVE! Can't believe she is 2 already. Have a very merry celebration. xo.

Abby, I will go into another procedure far more educated this time. Thank you for your advice about a consult ahead of time and for letting me know it doesn't have to be this way.

danielle, I'll keep that in the back of my brain and I commend you for writing what is hard to say.

Flem, more good advice. Thank you. And thanks for the birthday wish for Olive. We had a nice low-key day. No party just family time and minimal presents. Figure this is the year we can get away without too much hoopla. I too can't believe she's already two!

When my youngest needed his tonsils/adenoids out, the docs sedated him with a gas mask before starting an IV. Maybe this would work with Elias.

I wish you luck next time. Hope you get the answers you are looking for.

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