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The weather today seemed to mirror my mood, all gloom and spitting slush. But the good news is I've made it almost twelve hours without hugging the toilet bowl. And besides not understanding I'm sick and wanting to jump and climb on top of me, my two kids made it through the day without any major issues. Huge props for Nick who has been the do-it-all man of the house for days.

Forgive me for laughing hysterically. Empty juice. WHo could have said it better?
Feel better soon, kudos to Nick and bravo to kids who get through the day without issues!

She cracked me up too. It was the first time she used that expression.

Oh Christy the last thing you need right now! But often that's the way it goes isn't it? Anyway, glad you're feeling better and now cutting you some slack as I kept checking for updates. Your blog can be a little habit forming you know. Maybe this will be a time for inadvertent weaning if you're ready. If not the supply will return. Anyway, hope you continue to feel better and that it doesn't work it's way through your whole family.

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